About Us

Learn How to Blog and Promote Affiliate Programs

ThatsMyNiche.net is owned by everyday people like you!    We worked in various jobs with a minimum of 40-60 hours at week at jobs that we didn’t love.  With family obligations we felt trapped.  We wanted more personal and financial freedom to spend time with our families and things we love.

We are a team of online business owners who have won back our freedom through affiliate marketing.  There is a lot of information on the internet and it can be difficult to know what to trust.  We will share our knowledge and experience so you get solid information and advice that you know will work in achieving your goal of owning your own online business.  We don’t make any guarantees as we wont know what you will do with the information we share.  We do, however, believe that if you do your research and put your time into setting up your business that great things can happen. 

There is no such thing as easy, get-rich-quick schemes in ThatsMyNiche.  Online businesses need an investment of time, money, and effort and it necessary that we be realistic instead of assuming overnight riches.

We will work together and that is where the magic begins.  So what are you waiting for…? Go ahead and check out ThatsMyNiche.net for loads of resources and ideas to build your successful on line business. 😆